Maize dwarf mosaic potyvirus - Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus (MDMV)

Systematic position.

Kingdom Vira, genus Potyvirus. ICTV decimal code:

Biological group.

Obligate parasite.

Morphology and biology.

Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV) has filamentous virions of 220 nm in length; its temperature inactivation point (TIP) is 56°C, dilution endpoint (DEP) is 1:1000, longevity in vitro (LIV) is 1-2 days. Within the Former Soviet Union, maize dwarf mosaic is registered in Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova. Dubonosov et al. (1975) were among the first researchers who investigated this disease. On the maize plants, the symptoms of the disease in the form of mosaic may appear to a small or great extent. MDMV infected plants are stunted; the deformation of tassels and underdevelopment of ears occurs. MDMV is transmitted by various Aphididae species in the non-persistent manner. This virus is transmitted by sap, but not transmitted by contact between plants; it is transmitted by maize seeds, but not transmitted by pollen. One of the main natural MDMV reservations is Sorghum galepense, from where the aphids transmit the virus to the maize plant.


MDMV occurs in the southern zone of the Former Soviet Union. At present the harmfulness of this virus is recorded in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.


Ecological factors significantly influence the extent of the disease symptoms, as well as the number of aphid vectors of MDMV.

Economic significance.

A relatively narrow specialization of MDMV allows considerable decrease in disease severity by using resistant maize cultivars.

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This picture is taken from the book of Ryzhkov V.L. & Protsenko A.E. "Atlas of viral plant diseases" (Moscow: Nauka, 1968. 136 p.).

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