Cannabis sativa L. - Hemp sowing.

Taxonomic position.

Family: Cannabaceae Endl.; Species: Cannabis L.

Morphology and biology.

An annual grassy plant. The stem is upright, 50-150 cm in height, covered by appressed hairs. Leaves with stipules, in the bottom part of a stem are opposite, in the top - alternate. Leaves are on long stalks, 3-5-7 - separate, with lengthened - lanceolate shares, largly - serrate edge. Inflorescences are in the top bosoms of leaves, sprawling. Flowers are dioecious. Female flowers are collected in spicate inflorescences, male's - in panicles. Perianth of female flowers is unseparable, male's - 5-separate. There are 5 stamens. A column is two-separate. A fruit is a nutlet, has grey color, at the basis - without a joint, difficultly falling. Blossoms in June - July, ripens in July - August.


The generaldistribution: the East Europe, Western Siberia. In territory of the former USSR: the European part-Transvolgic region and the Bottom Volga; Western Siberia - Altai.


In a wild kind - on river adjournment, on rocks, on stony slopes of hills and mountains. Frequently runs to be wild.

Use and economic value.

It is cultivated for a long time for manufacture of a strong fibre, fat oil and essential oil. Fibre is used for making tow, cords, ropes, sails, laces and many other things. Seeds contain up to 35 % of fat oil which is used as food, for manufacture of a soap, for manufacturing drying oil and oil paints. The oil cake goes as a forage to cattle. The resinous substance allocated by flowers, contains cannabine oil and cannabinin, similar to the nicotine, making a basis of narcotic substance of the hashish (hemp) used in medicine.


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