Poa trivialis L. - Rough-stalked bluegrass (Rough meadow grass).

Taxonomic position.

Family Poaceae Barnhart., genus Poa L.

Biology and morphology.

Perennial grass, cespitous with short rhizomes. Stems erect, rough, 20-100 cm tall. Leaf blade soft, narrow (about 2.0-4.0 mm), folded or flat, with 2 visible veins on each side of the central vein. Ligula of the upper leaves long (3.0- 5.0 mm), acute. Panicle-like inflorescence, spreading, pyramidal, 6.0-25.0 cm long with very rough branches. Spikelets 3.0-4.5 mm long, 2-4-flowered, with woolly hairs at the base. Lemma is hairy along marginal ribs and keel. Blossoms in June; seeds ripen in August. Facultative cross-pollinated by wind. 2n=14, 28.


Occurs throughout the European part of the former USSR, the Caucasus, Southwestern Siberia, Altai, and the mountains of Central Asia.


Adapted to a large range of climatic conditions and soil humidity. Shade-tolerant and drought-sensitive. Native to temperate and cold areas. Occurs from the lowlands to alpine levels in mountainous areas. Occurs in wet meadows, on slopes, and along rivers and roads.

Utilization and economic value.

An excellent pasture grass. Tolerates heavy grazing but does not persist in meadows cut regularly for hay. Good palatability for cattle, sheep, goats and horses. Used as a lawn culture. Improves soil fertility and structure. Used for erosion control.

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