Vicia japonica A. Gray - Japanese vetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family: Fabaceae Lindl.; genus: Vicia L.

Basic synonyms:

V. pallida Turcz., V. heterophylla Worosch.

Morphology and biology.

A perennial plant 60-120 cm in height. Stems are slightly pubescent or completely naked, ascending, clinging, angled. The axis of leaves comes to an end as short branchy cirrus. Stipules are large, 5-7 (up to 15) mm in length, lanceolate, entire or with denticles at the basis. Leaves consist of 5-7 pairs of elliptic leaflets, blunt or with dredging above, 12-20 mm in length, 5-8 mm in width. Lateral venues depart from central venue under a sharp corner. Peduncles are thin, its length is equal or more longl than lenght of leaves together with an inflorescence. An inflorescence - one-sided raceme, rather thin, not multifloral (7-12 flowers). Flowers are 10-12 mm in length. Calyx is campanulate, obliquelly cut off; its denticles are shorter than tube, triangular-awl-shaped, upper part is shorter than bottom part. Carolla - lilac-violet. Pods are 18-20 mm in length, on a long leg, oblong-rhombic. Seeds are dark-brown, oblong-elliptic, there are usually 1-2 seeds in the pod. Hilum of a seed is linear, covers 1/3-2/3 seeds. Blossoms in June, fructifies in August.


The common distribution: Japan, China. In territory of the former USSR: Eastern Siberia-Daursky area; the Far East - Zeya - Bureinsky, Udsky, Ussurijsky areas and Sakhalin.


On woods and wood marges.

Use and economic value.

Fodder high-protein plant, is well eaten with cattle. In cultivation keeps the high contents of fiber in green weight - up to 17,5 %.


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